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    At DafidolClean, we are conscious of the need to be highly flexible and innovative. We do all we can not to distrupt work during cleaning by using the latest technologies and the best methods of operation...wouldn't you rather clean with such a customer-centric company.

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    We have permanent Teams and cover areas in The Lagos Island, The Lagos Mainland, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Warri and Benin City..and we are also very mobile and wouldn't hesistate to do jobs in other Nigerian cities.
    ...Since 2014

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    Quick Response, very hardworking Team. They cleaned my very dirty garage at a very short notice Dare, F..

  • Reviews

    A little expensive but they compensated with discounts and a free fumigation exercise. I like the fact that they could clean even during working hours. Apparently the best cleaning company my office has worked with. Ogbevire, O.




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